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Beijing Xinyingyue Beauty Equipment Science And Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Details:

Brands : XYY
No. of Employees : 50~100
Annual Sales : 200 million -201 million
Year Established : 2009
Export p.c : 80% - 90%

Beijing xin ying technology co., LTD. Is a collection of scientific research, production, operation and service in the integration of professional optical medical equipment and beauty optical medical equipment management institutions, and Europe and the United States and Asia several laser, light energy technology research center illuminant technical exchanges, and established long-term relations of cooperation. With strong scientific research strength, the keen market insight and unique business philosophy, take the lead in the domestic launch xin ying series of high-tech beauty system, spectrum energy technology applied to a greater breakthrough in the field of cosmetic, and internationalization.

The company to update the design idea of creation, the introduction of microcomputer-based management, to the modern enterprise.Always adhere to the "create value for customers, continuously technology innovation, brand achievement in the future, create Chinese own international brand, quality is the root of the survival of enterprises, customers is the survival of the enterprise" the management policy, look more to the internationalization strategic vision enterprise development direction.

Products covered by the passive Q (single pulse 800 mj) 800 & 532 nm laser, passive Q (single pulse 400 mj) 1064 & 532 nm laser, passive Q (single pulse 200 mj) 200 & 1064 nm laser, semiconductor laser, electro-optic Q755nm 808 series, the ultra pulse CO2 laser hair removal laser dot matrix series of laser, ultrasonic knife, private laser, slimming V8, moxibustion apparatus, E - light series, universal optical series, perfect pulse light series, the series of dissolve fat, the skin tester series and so on many technical field.Xin ying, after 10 years of efforts, the products sell like hot cakes all over the world, covering the major cities at home and abroad and the villages and towns, with around 3 armour hospital, large plastic hairdressing hospital clinical work.With Europe and the United States and Asia more than light energy technology research center light source technology exchanges and establish long-term relations of cooperation;Companies with strong scientific research strength of keen market insight and unique business philosophy and excellent after-sales service, in the beauty equipment industry home and abroad and set up the iconic, technical standards and good reputation.

Company in the future will be faster, newer, more stable idea innovation change technology, attract more and better talent to form a unique to xin ying on the characteristics of talent team, to the modern enterprise.Strive to become the world's strongest medical beauty equipment manufacture.We always adhere to the "customer is god, and constantly create value for customers, technology innovation, quality is the guarantee, create international brand, xin ying month" business policy for the company, in order to "create Chinese own international brand" as our mission, enterprise development direction to internationalization strategic perspective.

Welcome each session of a professional, confident, have the ability to join optical beauty field of sincere cooperation and common development, make progress together, create a better tomorrow!